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Generator Controller

Latest Broadband Technology

When the street mains go down Infranet Systems new Generator Controller will make sure the right people know and automate the process of supplying generator power.

The controller works together with other locally based infrastructure systems such as the Water & Irrigation Controller, managing and controlling in a real time environment.

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Communicating with the World

Infranet Systems controllers do not require a fixed IP address or any computers locally to operate. All you need is a broad band connection. If required Infranet Systems can supply Broad Band equipment such as 3G Routers for both Vodafone and Telecoms latest XT mobile network. Infranet Systems can also supply and install multi node networks including long range point to multi point mesh wireless.

Power Failure and Generator Online

With an Infranet Systems Generator controller the generator is always at a state of readiness. The controller monitors all aspects of the power system such as engine oil pressure, Water Temperature, Engine run hours and fuel levels. Using phase relays, if a power failure is detected the system will automatically start the generator and supply power to the building. Throughout the process alerts via SMS text messaging and email are being sent updating the current situation to key parties. These alerts consist of everything from generator output and fuel levels right through to how long the generator can maintain operation without running out of fuel. The system also is designed to protect remote power systems from fuel theft.

Email and SMS Text Message Alerts

Alert messages are customised and configured according customers requirements are a fully configurable online.

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Galvanic Isolation

Infranet Systems have also released a hardened galvanically isolated end point module for harsh sites, with all I/O digital and analogue having isolation. Also including standard 4-20mA analogue with loop power. All digital in and out are isolated to 4000VRMS and analogues to 1500VRMS.

UPS Monitoring and Control

Infranet Systems also have controllers available for monitoring and controlling UPS systems and other devices.

Client Service

The Web Server is setup so that a client such as a water carrier can connect and manage its own customers. This gives the water carrier full control of their day to day operation and a proactive approach to their business rather than a reactive approach with customers running out of water.

Pacific Island Customers

Infranet Systems is already communicating from the Pacific islands and can get your infrastructure connected! Monitor and control assets remotely and save time and money.

Latest News

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Just released - Latest controllers wireless modules 11 bit A/D converters!

Complete wireless lighting and power system available for remote management.

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