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BioKey® Inside works with the newly-developed BioKey® 4000 module with 400 MHz pulse frequency.

It has been possible to lower the so-called false rejection rate (an authorized finger is rejected) to virtually “zero” (ca. 0.5%) and this with a high-security setting. The error rate has been minimized so that the user practically no longer has to accept any constraints on his fingerprint system in daily use. A stored finger functions – independently of external factors! This makes BioKey® particularly suitable for outdoor use on doors, gate and intercoms that have to contend with severe weather conditions.

The automatic re-learning of fingers is a further innovation which is used in the new BioKey® systems. Thanks to this function the verification performance constantly optimizes itself – the finger is lent intelligence and functions all the better the longer the system is in operation!

Flexible modular system

Manufacturers compile their individual BioKey® INSIDE product, customized to their needs. In this respect they may choose from various design lines, materials (for example: stainless steel) and color patterns. Manufacturers can create their own front plates and include exclusive design product lines – without tool costs – in their product portfolio.

The modular concept with a diversity of interfaces and software is ideally suited for OEM integration and function expansion.

Convincing all-in-one solution

Only one hole needs to be milled for installation. The robust line sensor, the BioKey® Module and the control unit (optical relay) are integrated in a housing (cast and waterproof) and are ideally suited for outside use regardless of the weather conditions.

The ideal installation height of 1.20 m upwards and the angle of the finger guide allow for a flowing finger swipe, and also for children.

BioKey® INSIDE is compatible with all customary motor locks and e-openers. The pre-terminated cable allows for error-free cabling (Plug and Play). Only one cable has to be laid vertically to the motor lock. There is no “cable clutter” in the door. This simple cabling (for aluminum, steel, plastic and wooden doors) is the foundation for problem-free industrial manufacture.

With the stand-alone variant all the programming is performed simply and easily with the so-called Masterfinger (the most important functions are explained in just four lines!) via the external unit, without any need for an additional PC or code. This intuitive operation has met with a very high degree of market acceptance with house doors in particular.

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